Best and Worst Candy Options for Kids


Best and worst candy for kids teeth 

The effects that candy can have in your kids teeth will make you scream more than any Halloween movie, but there are definitely some better and some worst, and since in here we are all about having a fun and healthy time we created a list of the best and worst candy for kids teeth this Halloween.

Worst candy option for kids (or the scariest of them all!)

  • Chewy candy: This type of candy gets stuck in the crevices of your kids teeth and continues to promote the decay.
  • Jaw breakers: You probably expected this one to be here, but hard candies are in general a no no because they can chip the teeth and damage the enamel.
  • Hard candies: Just as evil as jaw breakers, hard candies and all those caramel suckers you love have huge amounts of sugar that will sit on top of the teeth promoting cavities.

Not so bad candy options

  • Chocolate based: Yes, the dentist is telling you that chocolate is not that bad, especially if it’s a dark chocolate and if your kid consumes it in moderation.
  • Sugar free candies: This is not a surprise because the worst part of candies is the sugar, so sugar free varieties are a good option to keep in mind for the trick or treating season.

Children dentist approved candy!

This are the best options for Halloween, they are healthy, fun delicious and definitely teeth friendly!

  • Popcorn: Popcorn is a delicious, crunchy, and potable alternative to all the candy and you can also pack them in cute spooky bags
  • Apple slices: Apples are just in season and are a perfect alternative to sweeter treats.

The key to enjoying a Halloween without haunted cavities is to do it with lots of moderation, swapping some of the scariest for better alternatives and always encouraging your little ones to brush their teeth.

And since in Surfside Kids Dental, we are pretty sure that everyone is going to be eating candy with moderation we have an awesome Candy Buy Back Promotion from November 2nd to November 12th ! So for every pound of unopened candy that you bring us we will buy it back for $1 and send it to Operation Gratitude in Southern California were they will be packing it individually to send to our troops overseas.

What are your plans for this Halloween?

The Surfside Team

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