When is the right time to visit an orthodontist?

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When is the right time to visit an orthodontist?

Dental health is one of the most important aspects when taking care of when your little one. Teaching them how to properly brush their teeth for the full 2 minutes and making sure their teeth are growing as expected, are two key factors in having a proactive approach to your children’s dental health. But don’t worry you don’t have to be an expert in understanding teeth growth to be sure that everything is going smooth, that’s why we are here for growth guidance! Each of our dentists have undergone years of specialized training to provide top-notch pediatric dental care. Their certifications require additional years of training which focus on the psychology of children, to help kids overcome stress related to dental visits.

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends children 7 years and older to visit the orthodontist.

Visiting an orthodontist when they are still young and developing makes it easier to spot potential needs for proper growth. As kids begin to get a full mouth of permanent teeth, early treatment can prevent future issues that would be more troublesome to treat as an adult. There are several reasons why your child might need orthodontic treatment, such as crooked, overcrowded or overlapping teeth. These problems can be caused by early tooth loss, decay and thumb sucking.

At Surfside Kids Dental our priority is to make smiles come true, that’s why we offer a complimentary orthodontic consultation for kids 7 and older. By receiving an orthodontic consultation, it will alleviate any doubts and questions you as parents might have! This is a great opportunity to get a head start in the future of your kids’ smile! Book an appointment today!

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