Secrets to Finding the Best Pediatric Dentist

Secrets to Finding the Best Pediatric Dentist in Pleasant Hill, CA

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry or AAPD, children should have their first checkup when their first tooth erupts or no later than their first birthday. This will help prevent dental problems and set them off the path toward good oral health. In order to ensure your precious one’s good oral health, you will need to seek the aid of a pediatric dentist who can provide parents with guidance and their children with proper care.

What’s the difference between pediatric dentists and family dentists? On top of our pediatric dentists training in dental school, a dentists who specializes in kids dentistry will have completed two to three years of additional training. These specialists are also equipped with knowledge regarding child psychology, growth and development. 

Pediatric dentists have also made the effort to make their clinics more child-friendly. It is not unusual to see toys, kids’ books and even video games in these clinics. Their goal here is to make each dental visit pleasant and less intimidating to young ones. In Pleasant Hill, CA there are dozens of family dentists and very few pediatric dentists who have a dental practice structured just for your kids. We recommend finding a pediatric specialist to ensure your child get the best care possible. In cases where there are no pediatric dentists operating in your area, you can look for family or general dentists. There are plenty of general dentists who can provide dental care to children. However, you will notice the experience is much different than a specialty practice. 

How do you search for a pediatric dentist?

As a Pleasant Hill pediatric dental practitioner, we offers some valuable insights. Start your search for your child’s dentist by seeking recommendations from other parents, relatives, friends or even your own dentist. Your child’s pediatrician can also provide you with a list of prospective dentists for your child. Alternatively, you can conduct your search online. The websites of the AAPD and the American Dental Association are two great options that can help you with your search.

If your child has special needs, you may have to be more diligent in your search in order to find a practitioner who has experience and knowledge in caring for children like yours. You can narrow down your list further by reading patient reviews and testimonials. After whittling down your list of prospective dentists, you can schedule an initial visit to each dental clinic remaining on your list. But before you visit these dentists, it would be helpful to ask a few key questions including each dentist’s special training in treating children,  like their affiliation with professional organizations, service hours, location, and acceptance of dental benefit plans.

After your initial visit, take note of a few key things. For starters, take note of how prompt and professional the dentist and his staff were in looking after your child. Was the dentist thorough yet gentle in examining your kid? What about the dentist’s communication style? Did he respond to questions in a clear and effective manner? Was the visit an overall positive experience for your child? If so, you should feel confident your child’s teeth are in good hands. We are happy to welcome new smiling faces into any of our three pediatric dental offices with convenient locations in Sacramento, CA, Elk Grove, CA and Pleasant Hill, CA. 


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