Top 5 Best Foods and Drinks for Kids’ Teeth

5 Best Foods and Drinks for Kids’ Teeth

It’s important to be vigilant about what your children should not eat to prevent tooth decay (that’s why many households try to minimize, if not forbid, sugary and starchy treats). There are more than oral health benefits for your kids by choosing the right foods, but today, lets talk about the teeth and what food and drink helps your kids teeth to stay strong. You can start by tweaking their usual packed school lunch menu and after-school snack choices. The good news is that good foods for kids’ teeth does not need to be expensive or hard to find. There is actually a wide range of teeth-friendly treats that are affordable, accessible and easy to serve during those busy weekdays and full-packed weekends.

Save your little ones’ smiles by adding more of the following to their diet:

Fresh fruit. Apples have vitamins and minerals that are good for kids’ teeth and overall health. Moreover, the healthy crunch of apples and their high water and fiber content encourage vigorous chewing action that helps remove plaque and cavity build-up. The same is true for other foods with a similar density and texture, such as carrots, cucumbers and celery. Meanwhile, oranges and grapefruits are loaded with vitamin C which is necessary for avoiding scurvy, a condition that causes bleeding and infected gums.

Raw vegetables. Teach your kids to eat more green and leafy vegetables. Leafy veggies are a great source of powerful antioxidants, iron and beta-carotene, all of which are important for keeping teeth and gums strong and free from disease. Broccoli, tomatoes, even vegetable juices all contain health-boosting minerals that assist in strengthening the tooth enamel.   

Low-sugar or no-sugar nibbles. If you want to offer your kids something easy to nibble on while they do their homework or just chill out at home, choose healthy nuts and grains over cookies and candy bars. Almonds are particularly good for their teeth because these contain lots of protein and calcium. Popcorn, cereals, pretzels and chips are fine as long as these are unsweetened, unbuttered and low-salt.

Protein. Chicken, turkey and beef are your best bets, especially when cooked with simple ingredients and other foods that boost the nutrition value of the dish. Ground meat for tacos or pizza, for instance, will surely be a hit with your little ones. If you are a vegetarian, tofu, nuts, legumes are also a great source of protein. Protein is important because it contains phosphorus which is essential for building and maintaining healthy tooth enamel.  

Water. Another important dental health tip and also life skill is to teach your kids is to drink water several times per day. Water neutralizes sugars in your mouth, washes away food particles hiding in between the teeth, and encourages healthy saliva levels, so ask your children to drink up!

Surprised by this list? Probably not, but there is a direct connection to the foods your children eat and getting cavities so we want to make sure you have a solid list of foods with reasons why they are important.

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