When Should My Child Get Braces?

Wondering when your child should get braces? We have got the scoop!

In your years on this Earth, you have likely already appreciated the merits of a great smile, so naturally you want this for your children. It isn’t going to ensure a happy and successful life, but don’t estimate just how much it can contribute to achieving that end. As your child’s baby teeth begin to be replaced with bigger adult teeth, you may be seeing signs of a crooked smile.  If you as a child or a teen had braces you already know the difference braces can make in a kids confidence going into their teens and adulthood.

What makes up a great smile?

Of course, there’s the spirit behind it. The greatest smiles there are shine through from true happiness. Aesthetically, however, to produce a great smile, your mouth should boast healthy, white, and straight teeth. Unfortunately, rare is the individual who graces this world with teeth that are naturally in correct alignment, hence the ongoing high demand for braces.

As a parent, you want to prepare yourself for the requirements for ensuring excellent quality dental care for your children. Understandably, it will entail time, active effort, education and sometimes a willing investment to straighten crooked teeth. You need to talk to your pediatric dentist so you can familiarize yourself with what needs to be done. For instance, did you know that the ADA recommends that children be brought in for orthodontic consultation as early as seven years of age?

Should my child get braces?

To help our patients easily comply with the American Dental Associations suggestions, we offer free orthodontic consultation. If you’re wondering, “Should my child get braces?” you can get your answer from this simple and informative appointment. From there, you can work out a plan to get braces for your child when the time is right. Your plan can start with enrolling your child in our Jr. Surfclub, which is a rewarding program that encourages young patients from seven to 18 years of age to be actively involved in getting proper oral care as they grow with the guidance of our helpful staff, which may eventually lead them to orthodontic treatment.

How much will my child’s braces cost?

Unfortunately, braces can be expensive, so when parents aren’t prepared for the cost, their children have to wait until they can afford it. It’s best to schedule a consultation. Your child’s Dentist will be able to give you an estimate based on the length of treatment and severity of the issues.  Try and go into your appointment with an open mind. You could be surprised by how affordable braces can be.

As parents we never want to leave orthodontic treatment  unattended to which is why most kids orthodontists have payment plans and financing options available to ease the burden of your investment.

Why not DIY?

Of course, there are people with an incredible amount of ingenuity. You may remember the recent story about Amos Dudley who straightened his own teeth by creating his own braces using a 3D printer.
As amazing as this college student is and as great-looking as the results are, the dental experts caution others against doing the same. To begin with, Dudley put a lot of research and work into this endeavor. It didn’t all happen serendipitously. More importantly, there is a reason why orthodontists had to go to school for a long time. Braces aren’t just a cosmetic solution. Without proper understanding of your teeth, guns, and jaw, DIY efforts can lead to severe problems down the road despite the seemingly successful result.

For instance, did you know that straightening your teeth too fast will lead to the shortening of roots, which may cause them to require extraction? When it comes to straightening your teeth or your children’s, you should definitely go to an orthodontist who has experience working with kids who’s mouths are still growing and developing.

So when should your children get braces?

The answer is always best determined when you schedule an orthodontic consultation after your child’s seventh birthday so your dentist can give you a professional evaluation. This is the time when your child’s front teeth adult will begin to full in which means you will have a better idea of expectations and timeline.

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