What to Consider When Choosing a Children’s Dental Group

What to Consider When Choosing My Kids First Dental Group

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should ideally take place six months after his first tooth has erupted, and no later than the child’s first year. And while children can be taken to see a general dentist for their dental needs, it’s certainly worth considering seeing a pediatric dentist instead so that the young patient can be provided specialized attention.

Why choose a pediatric dentist?

He/She will have undergone additional training in specifically handling children as patients. In addition to the regular number of years of training that a general dentist receives, a pediatric dentist goes through two to three years more of study, training and gathering relevant experience, particularly in the psychology, growth and development of children. This helps him become better equipped to provide services to children who, compared to adult patients, are not as cooperative and patient at times, and will need to be made to feel safe and comfortable throughout their entire visit. 

A Pediatric Dentist is qualified to provide dental services that suit young patients throughout different stages of their development. Children will have varying dental needs as they go from being infants to teenagers.

For instance, infants, toddlers and younger kids will need care for their baby teeth as well as their emerging permanent teeth, and the focus will be more on teaching proper dental hygiene habits and preventing cavities. For adolescent patients, on the other hand, correcting dental misalignment and other imperfections is the target, so they may need to consider devices that can improve the appearance of their teeth.

Questions to ask when selecting a children’s dental group

You can decide whether you have found the right pediatric dentist for your children’s dental care by asking a number of relevant questions that give you a clear picture of how they operate and relate to patients:

  • Is the dentist’s clinic a child-friendly one? (Are the furniture child-sized, are there toys, decorations and entertainment options for kids of different ages?)
  • Does the manner of the dentist and his staff members put you and your child at ease?
  • Is the dentist a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry?
  • Is the dentist committed to taking continuing education classes and attending training’s, seminars and conferences?
  • Does the dentist thoroughly discuss your child’s tooth development, condition and treatments with you?
  • Does the pediatric dental group accept dental insurance?
  • Does the dentist encourage parents to accompany their children during visits and allow older children to return on their own from time to time to establish a positive, trusting relationship with the dentist?

Finding an excellent dental care provider should be done carefully because your child’s oral health is at stake. These guidelines can help pinpoint the best professional you can trust for this very purpose. At Surfside Dental we take great pride in the staff have working on your child’s teeth. It’s important to us that every family walks out of our offices with a sense of comfort, peace of mind and of course a little Surfside fun!

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