Kids Dental Crowns

Kids Dental Crowns: Silver Crowns or White?

Compared to the enamel of adult teeth, the enamel of your baby’s teeth is thinner. This makes them more susceptible to cavities which can easily spread and affect a large area of the tooth.

When two or more tooth surfaces have been affected by extensive decay, a pediatric dentist will recommend the use of crowns to prevent premature extraction, as well as aesthetic reasons. Crowns may be used to protect the front teeth when they have been chipped or cracked or have been treated through a root canal procedure. Kids dental crowns may also be used if the teeth shows signs of extensive decay and has reached the tooth’s pulp, which in turn leads to a marked discoloration. Dental crowns can also help prevent further damage to the affected teeth.

Crowns used for restoring baby teeth are available in silver and white tooth colored variants. For many parents, the inevitable question to ask is “If my child needs dental crowns on their front baby teeth, will the dentist recommend silver crowns or white tooth colored?”

For the front teeth, pediatric dentists at Surfside Kids Dental recommend the use of white tooth colored crowns for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Silver crowns, on the other hand, are often recommended for molars which are used primarily for chewing and grinding food. Both colors of crowns are strong and may be used for both the front teeth and the molars. However, because the front teeth are more visible, white colored crowns are the default choice for kids dental crowns.

Before installing the crown on your baby’s tooth, his/her pediatric dentist will use a safe local anesthesia to numb the area. Afterwards, the affected tooth structure is removed in order to eliminate any remaining decay. Next, the tooth will be prepared in order to ensure that the pre-fabricated crown fits on top of the affected tooth. After this preparation and once the dentist has determined the best size of crown to use for your baby’s tooth, the crown is then cemented into place.

After the crown has been put into place, the dentist will ask you to feed your child with soft foods and to avoid foods that are hard and sticky. Hard and sticky foods like chips and candies can dislodge the crown or get stuck under it. If the crown is displaced, you will need to make another trip to one of our Surfside Kids Dental offices to have the crown cemented again.

Your child’s gums may experience some irritation after the crown has been installed. That is normal. Remember to keep on brushing the teeth and gums to relieve the irritation.

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