Surfside Kids Dental Surf Club

Surfside Kids Dental Surf Club Makes Early Dental Care Effective and Enjoyable

One of the best gifts you can ever give your children is instilling in them the value of good dental care. A beautiful and healthy smile will benefit them for a lifetime.

Surfside Kids Dental knows that. That’s why the clinic has established the Surfside Kids Dental Surf Club as one of the ways to help parents ensure proper oral development for their children. Club members will receive much-needed support, guidance and incentives for the family to access the highest-quality dental care across Northern California.  

Oral care education starts at home

As your children begin to grow, you’ll need to teach them to do each step right, and make sure they brush and floss according to the schedule or frequency you have set. To complement your at-home care, it’s important to invest in regular visits to a trusted kids’ dentist. Good nutrition management and behavior development are also important components of good oral health for kids.

Indeed, teaching young ones how to protect their oral health requires an integrated approach, and won’t be possible without the parent’s serious commitment. You’ll need time, patience and a good strategy to successfully equip your little ones with the best practices and the right attitude they need to properly take care of their teeth and gums. Surfside Kids Dental has your back! 

It can be more effective when you get help and support from your child’s Dentist

When you join the Surfside Kids Dental Surf Club, giving your kids proper dental care and teaching them the fundamentals of taking care of their teeth and gums becomes easier and fun:

Learning is more effective when it’s fun. Contests, events, special gears, gift cards and other special treats create an enjoyable – and therefore much more effective – environment for kids to learn about dental care.

To further encourage children to participate, there’s also a rewards system where they can collect points and earn prizes for doing “awesome things” (such as doing good in school or following check-up schedules). Based on patient reviews, joining the club is a truly helpful way to make kids more comfortable and even excited about taking care of their teeth.

Early care and detection are crucial. Club members receive complete growth guidance, which basically means more opportunities to truly monitor and support your child’s oral health, through programs such as:

  • Complimentary orthodontic appointments
  • Facial growth monitoring and measurement
  • Baby teeth and permanent teeth evaluations
  • Screenings to detect potential problems early and learn how to address them.

Joining the Surfside Kids Dental Surf Club is easy and can be done by filling up a short form online. Call any of our offices for more information on how to become a member today!

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