What To Expect From Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Scheduling Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Your little one is really growing up — that cute little mouth is slowly filling up with teeth. Oh, how breastfeeding becomes so much more interesting! Pretty soon, it’ll be time for his/her first visit to the dentist! The first visit should be at least six months after your child has cut his first tooth. Check out our last blog post on when your child should see a dentist for the first time for more info on that. 

You may be dreading your child’s first dentist visit because of all the stories you’ve heard from other people. You have to remember that every dental visit for every child is unique. All the worrisome stories that other people may have shared about their child’s first dentist visit may not even happen to you. Your child may prove to be a complete angel throughout the whole thing and he/she may even enjoy it! At Surfside Kids Dental, our offices are built to create an awesome, entertaining experience. 

To help you prepare for this big event in your little one’s life, here is a round-up of things that you can expect from his first dentist visit:

  • You will discuss your child’s teeth development. You may be asked to present information about when he/she cut their first tooth, the discomforts he/she experienced, and other details.
  • You will be encouraged to ask questions and express your concerns about your child’s oral health.

The pediatric dentist or dental hygienist will also talk to you about the following:

  • Teething
  • Bite (how your child’s teeth will come together)
  • Soft tissues in the mouth such as the gums and cheeks
  • Your child’s oral habits (Does he suck his thumb? Is he still being breastfed? Does he use a binky?)
  • Different factors that affect the risk of cavities
  • Tips on how to protect your child’s mouth from trauma

An oral exam will be performed. Things can get a little crazy here if your child finds the examination physically uncomfortable. Tip: Always assure your child that everything will be okay and it won’t take too long. It may also help if he has one of his favorite things (a blankie or stuffed animal) to hold with him.

You will be instructed on how to properly clean your child’s teeth so you can guide him/her at home. You will be advised on other things that can promote good oral health such as diet and the type of toothpaste to use. The dentist will tell you what to expect as your child continues to grow in the coming months.

The dentist may also clean your child’s teeth, especially if  there are milk stains on their teeth. Likewise, fluoride may be applied if, after the examination, it’s determined that he/she has a high risk of developing cavities.

While it may seem like there are so many things that will happen on the “big day,” knowing what to expect will help you prepare. This may allow you and your child to breeze through the entire process for a completely drama-free, positive first visit to the dentist.

Hope to see you soon! Mahalo!


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