Toys That Encourage Kids Care

Toys That Encourage Good Dental Care for Kids

Playtime is critical for the growth and development of children. During play, your child learns a diverse array of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, forms new habits and provides parents an opportunity to teach values.

Apart from being an outlet for imagination, creative thought and fantasies, do you know that playtime can also be a good opportunity to teach your kids about important matters, including dental health?

Here are two toys that encourage good dental care for kids which you might want to buy and use to play with your kids.

Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘N Fill


Play-Doh is one of the more popular toy brands that’s been around for years. With this toy, you and your child can put yourselves in the shoes of your dentists by using play dental tools, modeling compound and more.

The play set comes with a play head with ears, tools like an electric drill, tweezers, mirror, brace roller, toothbrush presser and modeling compound.

You can use the play set’s electric drill for filling the play head’s dental cavities or simply teach your child about the basics of good oral hygiene.

What we like about this Play-Doh play set is that it can help your child become familiar with dental treatments in a comfortable environment.

In turn, this pleasant experience can help your child overcome his fears of going to the dentist.

Dentist with Patient

Another play set that has caught our attention is Playmobil’s Dentist with Patient play set.

The set comes with two figures, a dentist and a patient, and the stuff you would normally see in a dental office. These include the adjustable dental chair, moving light, dental tools and swiveling shelf. If your child is fond of playing with building blocks like those by Lego and Playmobil, this play set is a welcome addition to you and your child’s collection.

What we like about this play set is that you and your child can take on the roles of dentist and patient (and even switch roles). You can then teach your young one about what a dentist does to help keep his teeth and gums healthy.

Imaginary Play

It’s amazing how kids can entertain themselves without any toys at all. Dr. Jenny in our Land Park Pediatric Dental office recommends giving your kids the task of playing dentist. We see our kids playing Doctor but you don’t often hear Dentist. So if you have an appointment coming up for your kids, its great fun to set the stage by asking them to be the dentist and you be the patient. Let them look at your teeth, maybe even give them a magnifying glass. Ask them to teach you how to brush properly. Really re-create the type of experience they can expect to have and make it fun! We guarantee lots of giggles!

Helping your child overcome his fears

Regular visits to the dentist are critical for the oral health of your child. However, some children have a fear of going to the dental office.

Through role-playing with your child and using toys like the ones mentioned above, you can help him overcome that fear. At the same time, these toys can be used to help him master the basics of good oral hygiene.

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