The Tooth Decay Process In Kids

The Tooth Decay Process In Kids (And How To Prevent It)

Most children are naturally drawn to sweet food. It is therefore highly possible that people were born with not just one sweet tooth; there must have been more. Whether it’s chocolate, candy, ice cream, or cake, they won’t stop gobbling them up unless they’ve finished them or you put a stop to their joyful eating.

Kids will certainly find eating and drinking sweet, sugary food and beverages gratifying and filling no matter how devoid they are of nutrients. If you child seems to prefer eating nothing but junk food, you should start paying attention and taking action. Aside from them missing out on key nutrients, tooth decay would come next as a result of this eating habit.

The Development of Tooth Decay in Kids

The typical tooth decay process in kids begins when they frequently and repeatedly eat and drink acidic food and beverages. Candies, chocolates, and other sugary and starchy foods are the usual culprits, but liquids are more harmful. Carbonated beverages, juices, milk, and sports drinks, especially when consumed in the afternoon and at night, can significantly increase the amount of cavities that your child develops over the course of time since they coat the entire tooth and acidic bacteria are easily deposited in the deep pits or grooves of the teeth.

The recurring cycles of acid attacks on your child’s teeth will gradually cause the enamel to lose (and continue losing) minerals. Soon, a white spot may appear where the minerals were lost on the tooth, which is a sign of the beginning of tooth decay. If nothing is done and your child continues to have unhealthy eating habits, more minerals will be lost and the enamel will eventually weaken and become destroyed, forming a cavity.

Aside from the formation of a cavity, the advanced stages of tooth decay can lead to a nerve and pulp infection, toothache, and even tooth loss.

Tooth Decay Prevention in Kids

Implementing changes in your child’s diet is the first step in preventing the development of tooth decay. Start limiting their snacks in between meals. Give them candy, chocolates, and other sugary and starchy stuff that they love only during special occasions. Get them more fruits and veggies to eat if they want some snacks. Also, have your kid drink fluoridated water between meals to cleanse their teeth, reduce acid levels, and encourage proper tooth development.

Proper oral hygiene is also crucial in preventing tooth decay in kids. Make sure your child brushes at least twice a day. If your child can floss, encourage him or her to do this at least once daily. Having him gargle with a fluoride mouthwash everyday can also help strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay.

Taking your child to the dentist twice a year is also crucial in the prevention of tooth decay. Through regular checkups, your kid’s dentist will be able to identify problems such as decays and cavities in their earlier stages and prevent them from progressing.

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