8 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas to Try with Your Kid

8 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas to Try with Your Kid

Kids grow up so fast; that’s why it’s important to help them enjoy their childhood as much as they can. Brutal truths are for when they’re older and can already fully grasp the workings of the world. While they’re young, there’s no harm in letting them think that magic truly exists and it works toward their happiness.

When your kid’s milk teeth start coming loose, it’s good to prepare how you’ll play tooth fairy. Losing their milk teeth is a milestone in their growth and the little one may have confused feelings about it. When you introduce the concept of a tooth fairy to her, her confusion will be replaced with anticipation and excitement – that is, if you prepare well.

Here are eight fun tooth fairy ideas to try with your child:

Prepare a tooth fairy certificate or receipt. This is what you’ll leave under your child’s bed after collecting her tooth. Pinterest offers free printable samples. The certificate will make the experience more “legit.”

Spray some glitters on the money you’ll leave for your child. Fairy dust is important.
Leave pretty instructions in a “loving” letter on how your child can take care of her future teeth because the tooth fairy will no longer come for permanent teeth.
Leave more gifts for the little one to make the experience fuller. You can make stuffed teeth toys using felt cloth and stuffing, and even fairy lights in a bottle (you can use glow in the dark pens and glitter).

Another gift worth leaving is a bottle of “fairy dust.” Just purchase little vials and sparkly confetti from your local hobby store to leave behind bottles of magic that your little one can store.
Consider creating tooth fairy doors. Include your kid in the preparation for the arrival of the tooth fairy. Create a door for the tooth fairy to enter when your child is sleeping – make it cute and colorful because that’s what magical fairies like.

Set up a tooth care package. Basically, the tooth fairy is also the dentist’s helper and wants little kids to have the tools they need for good oral health. There’s an abundance of cute dental care products in stores; buy those so your little one will be encouraged to take good care of her chompers.

Finally, for something that will blow your child’s mind – leave traces of the tooth fairy behind, such as glittery footprints, and even her wand (which you can make with Dollar Tree crafting items).

We can’t wait to hear about your creative tooth fairy fun! Be sure to leave a comment for us below.

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