Back to School Braces

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Get Braces 

Time sure goes by fast and for most school districts in Northern California we are in full blow back to school mode! Preparations are in order to get our kids ready — appointments with the doctor to make sure they’re healthy, and of course, a stop at the dentist, especially for the ‘tween that’s been told she would have to wear orthodontic braces to fix the alignment of her teeth.

Few young people look forward to getting braces. They question why they absolutely need to wear them when the other (usually more popular) kids don’t. You provide them the explanation the dentist also provided, and yet, that still isn’t a good reason. The issue that comes after that is determining the ideal time to finally get the braces; for the young one who’ll be going back to school, “after yearbook pictures are taken” seems like the most appropriate time to get the braces.

That’s reasonable, and you, as parent may have no problem adhering to that arrangement. However, if you would consult your pediatric orthodontist, the logical and practical arrangement would be to get those braces on when the time is right, not when it is socially acceptable.

Here are five reasons why your child should get braces before school starts:

  1.    It is sometimes easier schedule treatment during the remaining weeks of freedom from school. The moment school starts, there’ll be more activities in the young one’s schedule and the dental appointments might often get postponed in order to accommodate extracurricular requirements and other things that demand time. 
  2.    Getting the braces during summer always makes the adjustment period easier. Although braces are more comfortable now than they used to be, they still will have an impact on your child’s lifestyle. There’ll be changes that must be made in her routine and it will be less of a hassle for her to adjust to these changes when she’s not swamped with school concerns.
  3.    She’ll be more used to the braces by the time school starts. There are things that she needs to do for oral health that will already feel natural and a breeze to carry out in school.
  4.    Getting braces before school starts will allow your child to shop for cute outfits to go with her “teeth bling” so she can debut her new look more stylishly.
  5.    And lastly, you’ll provide your child the chance to look into products available in the market that will help her manage her braces conveniently, such as a pack of braces-friendly floss, a cute container for rubber bands, a pretty compact mirror (to make sure there’s no food stuck on the brackets and wires), a nice little toothbrush, dental water jet, et cetera.

Provide these reasons to your child and she may just change her mind about waiting until after yearbook pictures are taken to get her braces. After all, most young people enjoy the idea of shopping for more new things to get ready for school. We hope to see your budding surfers for our always fee orthodontic consultation sometime soon!

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Heres to a righteous school year!



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