Temporary Tattoo Drawing Competition

Hey Beach Babes and Dudes,

There are always exciting things happening at Surfside Dental, and right now we are looking for you! We know how super creative and full of great ideas you are. Well, now is your chance to show it! We are thrilled to share that we are holding a temporary tattoo drawing competition!

So, bust out your drawing book, crayons, pencils or paints, and put together a picture that represents how you feel about Surfside Kids. Whether it’s waves and surfboards, or mermaids and pirates, or just teeth and toothbrushes, or whatever! We want to see it! You can enter as many pictures as you would like, but make sure you have them all turned in by October 15th.

Coming up, and in the next year, we will be heading into local schools, and out into your community, to spread the word about Surfside Dental, and to help keep kids’ teeth and gums strong and healthy. Here at Surfside, we offer everything from comprehensive routine dental care to orthodontia. We teach you haw to keep your mouth healthy and we offer the highest quality of care.It’s so important to have dentists and staff that not only have the highest qualifications and training, but also care for their patients and can have fun, too!  We love to keep everyone smooth sailing, and to make coming to the dentist a fun and exciting part of keeping your body healthy.  Believe it or not, there are still lots of cool kids out there who haven’t heard of Surfside Dental. Your WINNING design could be used in marketing throughout the Northern California Region, and your picture and interview would be featured on all of our social media accounts, AS WELL AS printed in the Heart of East Sac Magazine. Wow!

Whether or not you are a Picasso or a Monet, we want to see your art. So, draw whatever is in your heart! If you need more inspiration for your drawings, we suggest picking up your tooth brush and brushing your teeth. If that doesn’t do it grab your flossers and have a go. While you brush and floss, you can imagine all the fun things you can draw, and you’ll be keeping your teeth clean while you do it. I don’t know about you, but I can get really creative when I’m lost in thought.

Whatever your creative process is, send your entries to email:marketing@surfsidekidsdental.com or drop off your entry at any of our Surfside Kids Dental locations.

Stay cool, Surfers!

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