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Do you remember that feeling you used get when you would get a loose tooth? Now we see that same joy in the eyes of our children! Excitement!? Anticipation!? Did you ever wonder where the tooth fairy came from? We sure did! And we know elementary school aged kids are wondering too!

The tooth fairy goes way back, she’s almost 100 years old!

The current popular image of a beautiful fairy comes from a short story written in the 1920’s and picked up as a gimmick to encourage kids to keep their teeth bright and white. Drawings, mystery, parent’s stories and children’s imaginations have kept it going for the last century. That’s truly amazing!

Tooth fairies are notoriously sneaky, and they bring a variety of special things.

FREE Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable
FREE Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable

If you are at a loss for treasure ideas, there are at thousand ideas online (psst….pinterest). Of course, special coins, money and over valuable things are always appreciated. Other ideas are special books, footprints or glitter, special stones or trinkets and clues for buried treasure. One of our favorites is dusting a dollar with glitter and a receipt from the tooth fairy. (pictured above/free download) Almost anything will be seen as a treasure if it is believed to come from a magical being! Lost teeth are a great opportunity to get creative and have fun. Allowing children to imagine into the tale, and tell you what they imagine is a gift to the developing mind. A strong imagination nurtures a creative mind, an invaluable resource in a quickly changing world.

Getting kids excited about keeping their teeth clean can be a creative endeavor. Draw up pictures of the tooth fairy and/or pictures and signs to let her know when a tooth is lost, and where to find it. Below is a cute coloring sheet your little ones can color as a gift for the tooth fairy. Some families don’t leave the teeth out at all, just a sign of a lost tooth like a drawing or colored picture. Another fun idea is to create little fairy doors and make up stories of having seen the tooth fairy. Sing songs to the tooth fairy as you brush teeth. Tell her you are keeping your teeth bright and beautiful! These are all fun ways to encourage healthy care of teeth.

Free Download

Let’s continue the tooth fairy tradition for another century by getting into the spirit of things! Color this picture, and hang it on your door next time someone loses a tooth. And if your child happens to be lucky enough to lose a tooth, don’t forget to post a picture on social media with the hashtag #SSKD or tag @surfside_kids. Isn’t it fun having little ones loosing teeth?!

Have fun out there, fellow surfers! See you on the flip side!


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