Should I Stop My Child From Thumb-Sucking?

Should I Stop My Child From Thumb-Sucking? Thumb-sucking is a natural reflex for babies. This is a habit that can be seen even among infants in the womb. Babies suck their thumbs to feel happy and secure. This habit also helps induce sleep and as such, babies and toddlers often suck their thumbs before bedtime….

Holiday Hoopla and Dental Hygiene Habits

Holiday Hoopla and Dental Hygiene Habits During the holidays we can get busy. Ok, very busy. Ok, like really crazy busy. It is an easy time to get out of good oral hygiene habits, and so it is also a good time to be mindful of the importance of those habits and make an extra…

 The Anatomy Of A Tooth

Does your child often wonder what the dentist is actually telling her while treating her teeth? When he says “crown,” does she think he means the top of a person’s head, or the paper crown handed out to all the young patients who behaved really well during the check-up? It’s rather cute when little kids…

Eating With Braces – Tips for Teens

If you have a kid who will be getting braces soon, take a look at this simple guide to help your child easily identify which foods he can and cannot eat.

Parents: What to do in a dental emergency

Dental Emergency: What to Do When Your Child Knocks Out a Tooth Your children are running around the living room while you are busy preparing dinner. And then you suddenly hear a whimper which quickly turns into full-on bawling. One of your kids walks up to you, blood dripping from his mouth, a knocked-out tooth…